10h Scrum Coaching Session Bundle


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Invest in your team’s as well in your personal journey and growth. We are here to guide and mentor you whenever you need us – at your pace.

10h Coaching Bundle

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  • Instant appointment confirmation
  • Talk to an experienced Scrum expert
  • Any collaboratively created notes as download

Whether you’re facing numerous minor issues or tackling a significant challenge that requires guidance and support, our Agile Coaching Bundle is designed to provide you with the assistance you need, on your terms.

Invest in your professional growth and overcome obstacles with the guidance of our experienced agile coach. Take advantage of our Agile Coaching Bundle and unlock the full potential of your personal as well as your Scrum journey.


Target Audience: Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Scrum Developers, QA and UX professionals, or anyone closely involved with a Scrum Team.

How does this work?

Initial Call: 

Schedule an initial call – at no cost – to discuss any remaining questions you might have regarding this offer. 

Book individual Agile Coaching sessions: 

Simply book your one-hour Scrum Coaching sessions through our electronic booking tool. Immediately after confirmation, you will receive a calendar invitation that includes a Google Meet link for seamless virtual collaboration.

To ensure a tailored coaching experience, you’ll have the opportunity to provide details about the coaching topic during the booking process. This allows our agile coach to prepare any necessary materials and ensure the session addresses your specific needs.

Any questions?

You will receive valuable guidance and support from an experienced agile coach, focusing on the specific topics you bring forward.

This consulting package is designed for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Scrum Developers, QA and UX professionals, or anyone closely involved in working with a Scrum Team.

Our clients often seek guidance on various topics, such as:

  • Taking the initial steps as a Scrum Master or Product Owner after completing training
  • Improving the effectiveness of Scrum events
  • Writing and/or enhancing user stories
  • Defining clear goals for the product or sprint
  • Designing impactful workshops
  • Dealing with uncertainty in a productive manner

… and any other challenge you may be facing.

To maintain flexibility and accommodate your needs, we provide remote consulting sessions. Traveling to customers for a one-hour session would limit flexibility and incur additional costs. The advantage for you is that you only pay for the hour you consume, rather than a full or half-day consultancy.

Contact us using the contact form, or use our electronic booking tool. No worries, we’ll discuss details first – at no cost.

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