IKIGAI Coaching

Find your purpose and discover what truly fulfils you

Ikigai (生き甲斐lit.‘a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

Why book an IKIGAI Coaching session?

At IKIGAI Coaching, we believe that everyone deserves to find their purpose, ignite their passion, and ultimate live a fullfilled life. This coaching session is designed to help you uncover your IKIGAI – the Japanese concept that represents the intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. By booking an IKIGAI Coaching session, you embark on a transformative journey to discover your true calling and align it with your professional and personal goals.

You will gain a profound understanding of your unique purpose and the direction you want to take in your personal and professional live. Our coaching approach helps you identifying your strengths, explore your passions, and find meaningful ways to contribute to the world while achieving personal fulfillment. Through the IKIGAI Coaching experience, you gain clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose that propels you towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

What is a typical IKIGAI Coaching session like?

A typical IKIGAI Coaching session is an interactive and intense introspective experience. Through thought-provoking questions, self-reflection exercises, you are guided to explore the four elements of IKIGAI. We then look at the intersections and find your passion, mission, profession and vocation. This is the last step to find your IKIGAI. Together, we will draft your purpose statement as your powerful guiding star to live a purpose-driven life.

IKIGAI Session

Uncover your purpose
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  • Initial introduction and familiarization (FREE)
  • Guidance through the process of discovery
  • Definition of your purpose statement
  • 3 month access to your board for further reflection
  • Your IKIGAI board as download

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching Session

Gain a new perspective on seemingly deadlocked issues. Gain confidence.

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