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Whether you are just taking your first steps in the agile world or are already an experienced practitioner, we have a range of trainings and workshops cater to all levels and needs.

By focusing on practical application, our trainings and workshops empower participants to not only understand agile principles but also to confidently apply them in their day-to-day work.

🖥️ Join our live virtual online sessions for interactive experiences, or access on-demand for flexible, self-paced learning. 

🌍 All services are available in English and German, creating an inclusive experience for every participant.


Dive deep into Scrum with our multi-day trainings. As Agilistas, we’re not just about training; we’re about igniting a passion for Agile excellence. Our engaging, interactive approach will leave your teams inspired and equipped to tackle any Agile challenge with confidence.

Focused Skill Sessions

Elevate specific areas of expertise through our Focused Skill Sessions. These workshops are tailored to zoom in on targeted topics, such as effective Retrospectives or User Story Writing. Get ready to level up your Agile toolkit with practical, hands-on learning experiences.


live virtual

Scrum Team Training

Learn or refresh Scrum essentials and how Scrum benefits your team the most.

Scrum Master

Master Scrum and navigate teams through complex work environments.

Focused Skill Sessions

live virtual

Agile Estimating and Planning

Estimate, plan and tackle projects with increased confidence

Product and Sprint Goal Setting

Set goals that spark enthusiasm and propel you forward

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