Professional Coaching


Gain clarity in achieving personal and professional goals

Once you have overcome the walls in your head, a wide field full of possibilities suddenly opens up. Stop going round in circles and gain new perspectives.

How does this work?

Initial meeting

We want to clarify whether coaching can be useful and helpful for you and whether we can imagine working together on a basis of mutual trust. You may also questions on the subject: "What exactly is systemic coaching? Am I in the right place?"

Coaching session

A regular coaching session lasts about 90 minutes on average.
As a systemic and solution-focused coaches, we will help you to find ways to overcome your problems, old patterns, conflicts or blockages. This is done through:

  • Active listening
  • Creative questions that initiate self-reflection
  • Focus on solutions

    At the end of the coaching session, we reflect together on how close we have come to the goal you set at the beginning.
    We will record the indicators and solutions you have developed and I will send you this documentation by e-mail after the session.
  • Coaching Session

    excl. VAT
    • Free familiarization call (~20 min)
    • 90 min of professional coaching
    • any records we developed during the session

    Any questions?

    Coaching is not a permanent affair.
    Sometimes, however, the initial issue will give rise to further topics that can then be dealt with in separate sessions.

    Not at all. Every person can benefit from coaching.

    Our coachees seek answers on various topics, such as:

    • Exploring career goals, advancement opportunities, and strategies for professional growth.
    • Work-Life Balance: Finding harmony between work and personal life, managing stress, and prioritizing self-care.
    • Goal Setting: Clarifying goals, creating actionable plans, and staying accountable to achieve desired outcomes.
    • Time Management: Improving productivity, managing deadlines, and balancing competing priorities.
    • Addressing conflicts in the workplace or personal life, fostering constructive communication, and finding mutually beneficial solutions.
    • Building self-esteem, overcoming self-doubt, and cultivating a positive self-image.
    • Making difficult decisions, weighing options, and trusting one’s intuition.
    • Improving communication and conflict resolution skills in professional relationships.
    • Cultivating mindfulness practices, managing emotions, and fostering overall well-being.
    • Transition and Change: Navigating transitions such as career changes, relocation, or life milestones with resilience and adaptability.
    • Exploring personal values, strengths, and areas for growth to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.


    … and any other challenge you may be facing.

    Yes! In fact, you may feel more secure discussing sensitive topics from the privacy of your own space. 

    Plus, remote coaching  offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to book a time that works best for you.

    We maintain the strictest levels of client protection and confidentiality. 

    Still open questions?

    Book a Speed Date

    Our 30-minute Speed Date is on the house, no strings attached. Zero costs and zero obligations. Consider it a laid-back chat to address your questions and explore what's next. Simply schedule a short phone or video call via our electronic booking system.

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